Broker whose activity is preferentially oriented to the service of banks, funds and other institutional investors.

Basic characteristics:

  • Service execution of orders.
  • Expertise in operations repasse care and the PLD.
  • Ability to deal with the administration of large operational risk, according to the excellence sued by customers in the implementation and verification of orders.
  • Capacity of execution of orders according to the degree of sophistication and speed sued by customers.

Business management:

  • Client support in the markets at any moment and at any contract quantity.
  • Recording system in the operation board.
  • Automated control system of the orders which supplies confirmation of the deals, monitor the procedure of the relays in a way to attend the clients established by BM&F, and reduce both your own and clients operational risk.
  • Specific systems and procedures to identify the risk of the deals performed by the clients.
  • Efficiency in the liquidation procedure through a well structured back office system that enables the control over the relays received.